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Johor Land

#1 Ultimate Buying Johor Land Checklist

Oct 04, 2022
Investing in a Johor land can be exciting, but have you ever bought one? If you haven’t, there are many thing [more]
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Heavy Industrial

#1 Comparison Between Light And Heavy Indust...

Sep 27, 2022
Thinking of going into the business related to industrial? There are two forms of industrial, which are light and h [more]
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Tenancy Agreement

Understanding 5 Terms And Conditions In A Te...

Sep 20, 2022
It will be easier for you to rent a Johor factory rather than buying one as it will be easier to shift out when the [more]
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Johor Factory

6 Johor Factory Related Significant Expenses

Sep 13, 2022
If you want to set up a new company or expand your business in Johor, renting a Johor factory is a vital step for y [more]
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Factory Layout

#1 Comprehensive Guide About Johor Factory L...

Sep 08, 2022
When it comes to Johor factory layout planning, you must know how to plan it. A good factory layout planning helps [more]
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5 Important Thing To Expect When Making A Down Payment In Malaysia

5 Important Thing To Expect When Making A Do...

Sep 02, 2022
Making a down payment is a huge commitment for anyone. It is an exciting time for a family. However, the legal impl [more]
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Malaysia Land Transfer Procedure

#1 Guide To Understanding Malaysia Land Tran...

Aug 25, 2022
In Malaysia, there are a set of documents and costs that need to be submitted and paid to the authorities in order [more]
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Tenancy Agreement

5 Terms In A Tenancy Agreement When Renting ...

Aug 18, 2022
A tenancy agreement sets out the obligations of landlords and tenants in renting a factory. Therefore, a well-draft [more]
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Buying Land

5 Important Question To Ask Before Buying La...

Aug 11, 2022
Every piece of land differs. Thus, every real-estate transaction varies based on different locations, property uses [more]
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Commercial Property Loan

Commercial Property Loans: Understand In 4 S...

Aug 03, 2022
Buying a factory in Johor Bahru for the first time can be intimidating. You will need to make many decisions, such [more]
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Buying Land

Buying Land In Johor Bahru: 5 Terrible Mista...

Jul 27, 2022
Unless you are involved with the property industry or buying land for investment, it is not every day that you will [more]
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Vacant Land

6 Important Things To Take Note Before Buyin...

Jul 19, 2022
Things that you need to take note of while buying vacant land are similar to buying a factory. Sometimes you will f [more]
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